The Photography Process

AKA "What the heck am I in for?!"

One of the biggest hangups to getting booked is not knowing what you're in for when you schedule a session. I'm here to take that fear off your plate and leave you ready and excited to stand in front of the oh so scary camera!

So, what are we gonna do?


You'll fill out the booking form

This is the true start to any adventure - taking the first step to say "Hey, I'm here, and I'm ready!" Fill out the booking form and keep an eye on your email. I will be in touch in less than 24 hours!


We'll have a little consultation

Now that you told me you want to hear from me, you'll be hearing from me! I will send you over a short series of questions in order to understand your session better and get to know your needs. Once we know what our expectations are, we can set the date!


We'll get you booked

This isn't the most fun part, but it is one of the most important. Along with your contract and payment invoice, you are going to get a series of guides for your session that will help you make decisions regarding your vision for the session, what outfits to wear, and what to bring to be prepared for your session. The goal is to leave you with zero questions unanswered, fully prepared to arrive to your session, excited to start!


You'll get your picture taken

A little like sitting for a school portrait, only way cooler. A lot of us arrive to the session nervous as heck, and that's okay! I will give you thoughtful prompts and poses while allowing you the wiggle room to play, laugh and be yourselves during your session. We will get a variety of shots that capture your dream and vision for the session. You have permission to dance and have some fun!

"Aarica captured the sweetest moments at our wedding – our belly laughs during the ceremony, our tirelessly rehearsed dance moves, and most importantly, our family and friends celebrating with us. She was attentive throughout the whole process, and we’re incredibly lucky she was our photographer!"

Shannon & Michael