Life with a newborn is hard enough! When it comes time to take photos of the little bundle of joy, it can be hard to know what to do, especially if you’re a new parent. As a photographer, it's hard to walk into someone's home and see them stress about what should be a happy occasion. Here are a few tips to help keep you sane and make your photography experience a breeze!

Keep It Warm

It’s no secret that newborns love to be warm. When it comes time for your newborn session, crank the heat up a degree or two (or turn the AC off for a bit). The little guys will be changing clothes and swaddles frequently, exposing their little bodies to the cold air. This can make them fussy and overstimulated. Keeping them warm keeps them happy—and sleepy; the perfect newborn photoshoot combo.

Keep Them Well Fed

This might seem like a no brainer, but these little ones will be working hard looking cute. They’ll work up an appetite and want to eat frequently. Being ready for this helps keep the crying to a minimum and tears out of the photos. A full baby means a sleepier baby. Plus, feeding time can make for such a cute photo opportunity!

Don’t Worry About Home Decor

If you’re like me, inviting someone into your house to take pictures can be very intimidating. Add on that you just gave birth and have a new, beautiful person to worry about, this can be a scary idea. Here’s a secret: it doesn’t matter. Your photographer doesn’t care that there are dishes in the sink and dog hair on the couch. They are here for you and your little one. Share your concerns with them and they can help pick locations in your home that will look great and keep the whole family feeling comfortable and confident.

Open Some Windows

Nothing flatters photography more than natural light. In the room (or rooms) where you will be photographing, I usually suggest turning off those yellowy lightbulbs and whipping open those curtains. It’ll brighten up the place and provide a more flattering light source than almost anything else in your home.

Focus On the Baby

This is the easy part. I would probably expect you to have a hard time NOT doing this. But, this little bundle of joy is the reason we’re all here. Stop fussing over yourself so much and put that attention on the little one. I promise, you will look much more relaxed and those loving looks you’ll share look great on camera.


Happy first birthday to our little model!