In this age of technology, where literally everyone has a camera in their pocket (a pretty good one, in fact), why would you “waste” your hard earned cash hiring a photographer? “My aunt as a camera,” “It’s too expensive,” “All they do is point and click anyway.” These are all excuses I’ve heard against hiring a pro. Let me tell you what value a photographer brings to your experience and why you would be crazy to try and do this alone.

1: We Are the Experts

A person with a camera isn’t a photographer. A photographer is someone with experience behind the camera, who knows how to wield that thing strategically, and capture beautiful images the average person isn’t even looking for. We know where to position our client so that the sunlight beats just perfectly. We know what settings we need to capture a fast moving target in low light. We know how to pose an individual so that they feel beautiful and confident in their skin. We are trained, passionate creators who desire nothing more than to give you the best experience and photos we possibly can. Your cousin who owns a DSLR may want to do a good a job, but they lack the experience to know how best to do that.

2: We Have the Equipment (And Know How to Use It)

Photographers spend thousands, and I mean thousands, of dollars on having the best equipment for their clients needs. We follow along with camera news to know what the best buy is, do tons of research on user and client experience, and then funnel our own hard earned cash into our equipment. We buy camera bodies, lenses, flashes, staging items, emergency backups, and so so so much more you don’t ever even see as the client. But hey, anyone could spend the amount of money and time we spend doing this too, so what makes us special?

We know how to use this stuff. We take classes, practice and experiment to know what works and what doesn’t with this fancy gear we buy. We dedicate time to learning it and honing our craft. The Average Joe with a Canon Rebel doesn’t. Photographers are constantly learning and improving and we find such joy in doing that!

3: It's More Than Just Point and Shoot

I’ve already talked about how we are the experts in a photography experience, but I need to reiterate how much more goes into it than just pointing a camera. We have to think about the venue; the lighting; our clients’ personalities; what settings we need to use. We need to combine our years of experience into each decision we make. And when all is said and done, we have to think about which of our 10 shots was the best one and how we can improve upon it in post-production. We spend a lot of time working on photos behind the scenes to make sure the final image comes out the best it possibly can. Some photographers take it another step and add or subtract to the image in order create something totally unique. 

4: We Are Here to Ease Your Stress

I don’t know about you, but every big moment of my life was also coupled with a tiny bit (or a lot) of stress. Thinking back on my wedding day reminded me how much there was to get done. Watching family members as they get ready to graduate reminded me of my own senior year and the panic of my impending future. If there is one thing you can take off your plate and not stress about, it’s the photography. Hiring a professional means you don’t have to worry about the task at all. Hiring your relative to point and click means you have to go through the stress of wondering if they are really doing a good job. And what if they aren’t?! My primary job as a photographer on the day of an event is take those worries off your plate. It’s why we spend so much time learning, practicing and engaging with the photography community. 

At the End of it All...

You get beautiful images that capture the real you. Yes, photographers can be expensive, but we spend time thinking about our pricing to decide what is fair for all that we offer. I’ve yet to hire a photographer myself (yes, even a photographer needs a photographer once in awhile) and regretted the money I spent on that experience. 

My best advice in deciding whether to hire someone for your event: do some research on your photographers. See how much work they’ve done, what their pricing is, and if you feel like the experience they are offering suits your needs and budget. And if you are unsure, skip to the next one. And the next one. And the next one. Until you find that perfect person to help ease your mind, make your experience great, and give you a product worthy of your money. I promise it will be worth it in the end.

If you’re ready to hop off the fence and take the next step in hiring a photographer, I would love to chat with you! Please reach out and ask all your questions, share all your concerns, and let me put your mind at ease.