Mini sessions are perfect for when you only need a few good shots for holiday cards, or to update the photo on your mantle. They are quick, mostly painless, and often have a fun theme.

However, mini sessions are super quick, and it can be easy to walk away from your session feeling like it was a little lacking. How do you get the most out of your mini session? Let me help you out.

1 Be On Time

This is true for all sessions, but is particularly important for your mini session. Most photographers only book short time blocks and are usually booked back to back for these sessions, so when you’re late, you’re sacrificing your own time. This adds to everyone’s stress and means you might not get the shots you are hoping for during your session.

2 Plan Ahead

Being in a rush for a twenty minute session is so silly… twenty minutes are not worth that kind of stress, so just plan ahead for your day! Lay out your outfits the day before, communicate with your family what time you have to leave and what you need from them in order for your session to be successful. Make sure you know where you are going and how long it’s going to take to get there. This will all make things so much simpler for you on the day of your session and relieve much of the stress you feel.

3 Talk To Your Photographer

If you have a specific shot you must have, make sure you relay that to your photographer so they can make sure to get it for you. Most mini sessions will only send you home with a few shots, so to make sure you get the one you need, you have to tell your photographer what you’re looking for. If there are any other details that will impact your shots, lay those out ahead of time so there's less back and forth during the session. That in-session chatter will cost you precious shooting time and get in the way of the photographer's process.

4 Relax a Little!

A photography session is supposed to be fun! Take a deep breath and just enjoy your day. Don’t worry so much about every little thing. Trust in your planning, your family, and your photographer to do their jobs in the best way possible. Allow yourself to forget about the details and just enjoy your session.

5 Be Fully Present

This is a big one. Twenty minutes goes by FAST and if you aren’t fully there mentally for your session, you’re going to miss out on the important memory making you should be doing. Take the opportunity to engage with your children, your spouse, or anyone else you’re bringing to the session! Stop worrying about what's for dinner, the pile of laundry that needs washing, or that you forgot to pick up milk this morning. A photography session is a great time to be with those you love and you should focus most on enjoying that time. Take the opportunity to love on your loved ones and let them love on you! It will result in meaningful photos you can look back on fondly and know you got the best of the best from that session.