Happy Fall Y'all

Today, I am writing from my neighborhood Starbucks, where they are celebrating the 2023 Pumpkin Spice season. Is it really fall without pumpkin spice?

This year my fall mini sessions are happening on September 16 and October 14, and I am so excited! If you want to get yours on the calendar, you can book with the link below. Now, enough shameless plugs…

Loveland Minis

Greeley Minis

After you book your fall mini session you might be wondering what you should wear for that mini session. Here in Colorado, it stays pretty warm through the beginning of the fall season, right at the peak of those beautiful autumn colors you’re hoping to capture during your session. This makes wearing a thick sweater uncomfortable and awkward because you are bound to be way too hot. But you want to look cute in your fall attire! Ahhh, what do you do?

Let me help you make comfortable, on theme choices for your session this year. Here are a few pointers.

1 Focus on the Colors

There is no better way to honor the fall spirit than looking the part with a festive color scheme. Incorporating golds, reds and browns into your session is a great way to build in that fall flare without overheating in your fall sweater. You can wear something light and comfortable if it's warm or thick and cozy if it's cold, doesn't matter so long as the colors are right!

2 Tone it Down

You can definitely plan to have tons of bold colors in your session, but keep in mind those colors might clash with the beauty of what’s going on in the background. Keeping your tones mild is another great way to keep the fall alive when it’s 82 degrees outside because it lets the fall colors speak for themselves. Beige, cream and grey are great options to consider, and they’re light so that bright fall sun won’t overheat you too much.

3 Layer Up

Flannels, wraps, and jackets are another great way to go for the fall without overheating too much. These layers are optional, and that’s the key. If you get too hot, just take it off, and refer back to my two tips above. Plus, who doesn't love a fall flannel?

4 Accessorize

Alright, you followed the first three options, you’re looking good, but you don’t feel like it’s enough fall for you. That’s okay. Add some accessories on top that fit the theme! Incorporate jewelry, wrist bands, shoes, belts, scarves, and the like that fulfill your fall goals with the right colors or that feature fall motifs. These are subtle and classy ways to bring in the fall without it being too much.

Now, if you still need a little more inspiration, check out these beautiful options below! And don't forget to book your mini session before the leaves drop off!